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Meet the Headteacher

Meet the Headteacher

November 4, 2022

After our first half term we assigned the whole of Year 6 to come up with some questions for Mr Turnham to see if we can find out a little more about him. We had some fantastic questions and surprisingly a lot of children wanted to know the same things for example, what plans do you have for Lyndhurst? Where did you teach before? If you support football, what team do you support? I hope you enjoy it and many apologies for some of the background noise on the recording, the SMT room is a noisy place!"

Grove FM produces work that is child-led. The emphasis is not on final product, although a professional product is a bonus; our focus is on the process of creating work – how we work as a team and develop ideas to fruition.

Avvon Chambers, Grove FM Radio Controller