School Lunches



Our lunches are provided by Olive Dinning Ltd. We have two meat-free days each week and on three days a week we have fruit for dessert rather than a more sugary option. Our menu is carefully crafted to reduce the number of ultra-processed items and to reduce the amount of sugar our pupils consume. We always have a well stocked salad bar on offer and there is always a vegetarian option (in addition to jacket potatoes). We never serve Pork always using substitutes instead. All pupils have the option to ask for a bigger portion whilst at the servery-- as we know that for some this is their main meal of the day.

Most families take up the option of a warm nutritious lunch for their child. There is a choice of hot and cold food, including hot meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as a comprehensive salad bar. There is also a choice of dessert dishes, including fresh fruit. Provision is made for vegetarians and those children who require a special diet (vegan/halal/allergies). Southwark currently provides healthy meals free of charge to all school-age children.



What do I do if my child has an food allergy, intolerance or restriction?

Our catering team are all trained on allergens and have a daily briefing about the ingredients found in each day's lunch. Pupils with allergies are given lanyards to wear to help identify them and the kitchen staff are all notified about the dietary needs of our pupils. Please make sure that the office have your child's allergies, intolerances or restriction on our records.