Welcome to Lyndhurst

Welcome to Lyndhurst Primary School. We are a two-form school in the heart of vibrant Camberwell.

There are many wonderful things that I could tell you about Lyndhurst however perhaps what other say is more telling: 

“Without a doubt I’ve been welcomed into the Lyndhurst family. This school has such a brilliant heart” 

This website will give you a glimpse of what life at our remarkable school is like. We have a passionate and skilled staff team who support the pupils of Lyndhurst in both their academic and moral development. 

We believe that all Lyndhurst pupils should have a lifelong passion for learning. They should be taught the skills they need to identify and overcome any individual barriers to their acquisition of knowledge. This will be achieved through a holistic, evidence informed pedagogy that holds inclusivity at its heart, where teachers model that they are also learners and are compassionate whilst having high standards. Our curriculum is rooted in our local area and allows learners to apply our core values. This will develop staff who are creative and engaged and pupils who are proactive, informed and who are confident in celebrating individuality.

Our offer ensures that pupils at Lyndhurst leave us: 

- able to advocate for what they think is right; understanding their role as a global citizen
- as confident, resilient learners;
as courteous, polite individuals able to communicate well; 
- as free thinkers able to absorb information and come to their own decisions.

In a quickly changing world, these are the skills that we believe will ensure that our pupils are prepared for a successful and fulfilling future.  These core values are what drive our curriculum (both academic and pastoral) and our pedagogy. 

We are part of The Charter Schools Educational Trust, a family of schools with the shared vision to transforms lives through the power of inclusive education. You can find out more about The Trust here. We are also linked with the Charles Dickens Research School and the London South Teaching Schools Hub both organisations bring industry leading practice into schools. 

If your child would like to join us, we hope that you will attend one of our open sessions to get to know us a little better. These can be booked by contacting the school office. 

We are always looking to work with new organisations and individuals (including experiences and aspiring teachers) to further develop our offer so please get in touch. 

Mr Turnham