New Bike and Scooter Store

February 7, 2023
New Bike and Scooter Store

More space made for bicycles and scooters to support active travel to and from school.

Last academic year a group of parents were successful in gaining a grant from Southwark's Cleaner, Greener Streets Fund. The money was to expand our bike and scooter storage. At the end of the autumn term work began. With the money awarded and a little extra we were able to upcycle one bike storage area into a bespoke scooter store and build a new sheltered bike store.

We took this opportunity to reconfigure the space so that the bikes and scooters could be accessed from inside the school. The benefit of this is that our bike store is now more secure as it is not open to the public during the course of the day. It also means that families have more convenient access to their bikes and scooters.

There is more we want to do to this area including: adding in some additional bike racks and making better use of the original bike store space. Plans are also afoot to put in some adult bike racks in the laneway for visitors and parents at collection and drop off.

The new store has been well received by parents and pupils and has already resulted in an increase in the number of pupils cycling or scooting to school.