The Scoop 11th October

Dear Parents and Carers,What a half term it has been, I cannot believe we are in the last week already! So much has happened not just over the last six weeks but this week. Pupils across the school engaged with all sorts of poetry last week—I was delighted to see so many examples of creative expression created. Our Black History Month project on The Bristol Boycott is underway as is our longer-term project in collaboration with Decolonising Geography to explore the true names of our rivers.

Here are the weeks announcements.

Christmas Cards:

FoL run a children card fundraiser each year that helps to raise money for the school. Pupils will be sent home with Christmas card templates next week. Further instructions will be coming from class reps.

Autumn Disco (poster below):

FoL are super excited to announce the FoL autumn disco, taking place on the 11th November. This is a free event. Pupils will be sent home with an invitation letter, that you’ll need to sign and return to their teachers. More details to come.

Governor Election:

We will be running a parent governor election in the next half term. We will be sending out details of how to nominate yourself before half term. Being on the Local Governing Body is a great way to be a critical friend of the school, to be involved in the strategic direction and to learn how we operate. Many employers support staff by offering paid time to undertake your duties. Keep an eye out for an email about this.  

Wet Play Games:

It wouldn’t be an autumn scoop if I didn’t talk about wet play, this time it’s not jackets but games. If you have any games or toys that are in good condition and would be suitable for wet play, we would love to receive them. We are especially keen on Lego type bricks and board games.

Are you Green Fingered?

At Lyndhurst we are incredibly lucky to have a lot of green space compared to many inner-city schools. We’re looking to organise a team of parents, staff and community friends who would be interested in helping us maintain our flower beds, gardens and planters. If you are interested please get in touch with the school office. We are also on the look out for a tree surgeon who could help us check the health of our trees.

House Plants:

The new library will be opening this week but to add to the forest theme we would like to get some house plants to use in the space. If you have any plants (or pots) that you no longer use or that have outgrown your home, we would welcome the donation.

Lyndhurst Football Team:

Our team had another brilliant victory last week, this time against Judith Kerr scoring 3-10 !! A fantastic result.

At this point in the term, I want to thank all of our staff, families and our governors for making the last six weeks such a success. I feel very lucky to not only have been made so welcome to Lyndhurst but also to be a part of such a dedicated and passionate team of people. I’m so excited about the future of Lyndhurst and what we will achieve together.

Have a restful half term (it’s two weeks remember). I know that I am looking forward to making a dent on my reading list.

Have a great week,

Tom Turnham