The Scoop 14th November

Hello Parents and Carers,

A few weeks ago, Mr Turnham mentioned that different members of our senior leadership team would be presenting the scoop so that you get to meet everyone. This week it’s my turn, I’m Ms Savvides the phase leader for year five and six.

It’s been another brilliant week at Lyndhurst. It’s been great to see more classes getting out on trips this half term, something we are really keen to continue to do. Whilst the weather has started to turn and the afternoons are getting darker, here at Lyndhurst we have continued to spend as much time as we can in the fresh air.

Most excitingly though, this week we had our year six elections for school council. Students prepared speeches to either present in person or as pre-recorded videos. The upper school then listened and made their votes. We were so very impressed by the volume of candidates and the quality of their speeches—it really was impressive.

Here are this week’s notices.

Remembrance Day:

It was great to see some of our year six children leading our school in our remembrance on Friday. They explained why we remember and talked about the global reach of wars in addition to sharing the poems that had written in their English lessons.

Session for Parents on Building Resilience in 2022:

A reminder about our session for parents of children in Years 5 and 6 who want to begin preparing for the tween and teenage years. Session details are in the transcript below, including the webinar link.

Webinar for parents of The Charter Schools: Tuesday 6 December 7pm-8pm via Zoom


We are so fortunate to have so many classes go swimming each week as it means we are able to offer so much more that our statutory requirement. The schools already spends a significant amount of our sports budget paying for the lessons as we believe swimming is a vital skill. However, we are at risk of having to cut back on the lessons as we do not have enough adults to walk classes to and from the swimming pool in Camberwell. We desperately need parent helpers who can escort a class on Friday mornings either weekly or at least regularly.  If you can help, please contact the school office.

Odd Socks Day for Anti-Bullying Week:

To mark anti-bullying week, we will be taking part in odd socks day on Friday. We encourage all pupils and staff to wear odd socks on Friday to promote having fun, being yourself and spreading awareness.  

Christmas Dates:

On Dec 8th we will have our Christmas jumper day and our Christmas lunch, further details to come. On the 15th Dec we will have our Reception, key stage one and key stage two Winter Concert at St Giles Church starting at 6pm.

Term Dates:

Last week we sent out our term dates this included a change to our last inset day of the year and the end times for each of the last days of term.

Winter Fair:

The Winter Fair is fast approaching, thank you to everyone who is or has offered to help. We can’t wait.


Lots of you have been asking about homework, we are reviewing our homework offer and will be updating you all soon.

Trust Magazine:

The Charter Schools Educational Trust Magazine has been published, Lyndhurst have been highlighted for a few things – check out page 14 and 15.  You can access it via the link in the transcript below .

Friends of Lyndhurst Newsletter:

You can access the Friends of Lyndhurst newsletter by clicking on the link here

Volunteering and Donations:

We are still looking for donations of wet play games, house plant and house plants. We are also looking for parents who can help staff our library at lunchtimes or who can help with gardening weekends.

That’s it for this week. All that is left for me to do, is to wish you all a brilliant week ahead.