The Scoop 6th December

Hello Parents and Carers,

Over the last term several members of the Senior Leadership Team have been presenting the Scoop, this week it’s my turn. I’m Belinda Jarman the phase leader for the Early Years and Foundation Stage which is Nursery and Reception. Here is this week’s Scoop.

The last few weeks of a term are always a funny time in schools, the excitement of the approaching holiday combined with the inevitable ramping up as teachers try and ensure that all pupils have completed everything that had been planned for them. This term has been no different. I know that pupils, staff and I suspect parents are all looking forward to the break. Although we appreciate that this year may be a little different. The cost of living crisis has hit everyone in different ways. In the transcript below are details of foodbanks, warm places, free activities and financial support schemes that may be of use.

Southwark have an emergency support fund, details of which can be accessed here. Details of Southwark’s foodbank can be found here, here and here. Details of warm spaces in Southwark can be found here. Our local church also offers support, details can be found here.  A list of free activities for children in December can be found here.

Winter Fundraising:

Thank you to the pupils, staff and parents who have helped with fundraising efforts this term. It was lovely seeing staff singing on Thursday to raise money for the Yr. 6 School residential. Also, a big thank you to those who have helped organise Christmas trees and cards—it’s not an easy task!  Staff will once again be carolling and FOL selling mince pies after school this Friday.


Many of you have been in touch this term about homework, some wanting more and some wanting less! As a school we have been interrogating what the purpose of homework is for us here at Lyndhurst. We’ve explored the evidence around it (for primary settings) and have produced what we think is a sensible way forward.  The new guidance will start in January, you can see it here. We have some tasks that are optional meaning that you can choose to access them or not to and others that we require all pupils to do.

Whilst we know that some of you may wish to see fewer tasks completed on screens, we know the biggest impact of homework occurs when errors are identified in the moment (and not a few days later at school) the use of technology allows pupils to get instant feedback.

In January we will be opening the library up to families so that if you need access to a device or want support you can work in school. Details of that will be announced in the new year.

Term Dates:

We sent a letter last week with the revised term dates for this year, please note the additional inset day in January. This means that pupils first day back will be Wednesday 4th January. Our term dates for the next academic year starting in September 2023 are now available. You can see them here although there is still one inset date that will be set by the trust for the summer term.

Parent Curriculum Meeting

We know that there have been some changes to our curriculum over the last two years that some of you may not be aware of. On Thursday January 19th at 6:15pm in the lower hall we will have a parent curriculum session, where we will talk about the year one-six curriculum at Lyndhurst. All are welcome to attend however, we will not be able to provide a creche and the sessions will not be suitable for young children.  

Friends of Lyndhurst Meeting Minutes:

You can find the minutes of the last FOL meeting by clicking here.

TCSET Parents Webinar – Emma Gleadhill

I hope that some of you were able to attend the ‘Building Resilience in 2022 Workshop. What it’s like to be a teenager now, and how parents can help’. If you didn’t you can still access the recording for 30 days. Use this link. Passcode: kAqJ%3VC

If you enjoyed this and are a parent yourself, you might also enjoy her free fortnightly newsletter - Parenting with Purpose. You can sign up here.

Last Day of Term:

Please don’t forget that the last day of term is Friday December 16th and that pick up is at 1:15pm from the main playground.

End of Term Reports:

As we promised in the parent guide, this year we wanted to give you a termly update on how your child is doing based on the standardised tests that they complete in the second half term of each term. We had planned to get these out to you this week, but staff absence and a new computer system have thwarted our plans. These reports will now go out in the first week after the holidays which will also mean that any question you have do not need to wait until after the break.

All that is left for me to do is to wish you a wonderful two-week break. I hope that the time is spent with family, friends or loved ones.

Have a great week everyone!