The Scoop Week 12th March 2024

It was wonderful last week to not only see so many pupils celebrating World Book Day but to also see our staff and pupils talk so eloquently about it on BBC London news.  We know that whilst finding costumes can add additional stress and burden to the week it also does add an excitement and interest in books. Throughout the day, staff all noticed that pupils were talking about books, storylines and characters as they discover who people are dressed as.

To those in our community who this week start their fasting for Ramadan we hope that Allah accepts your fast and continues to bless you in life.  

Here are this week’s notices:

Welcome to Caramel Syril  the Syrian Hamster:

We are trialing having a wellbeing pet in school. It will live with year six for the time being, so welcome to Caramel Syril the Syrian Hamster. He is getting used to being in year six and will soon start having some handling sessions with pupils. Pupils are learning how to care for him and will soon start signing up to take him home for a weekend. We have a full risk assessment and pets in school policy (which you can find on our website) which details how we care for him and keep him safe.

Parents Evening:

Please make sure that you have booked your parents evening slots on My Child at School.

Easter Holiday Camp:

Jaegar HC Easter Camp is now open for bookings: Please find the Link to the Booking Page HERE . This camp is not only a brilliant provision but it generates much needed funds for the school so we encourage you to not only use it but to spread the word and share details of the camp with friends and family in the area.

Reminder about Early Closure:

You can find our full term dates on both the website and at the bottom of this transcript but please be reminded that the last day of the Spring term is on Thursday 28th with an early closure. So pick up will beat 1:15pm.

BBC London News:

Last week some of our staff and pupils were interviewed by BBC London news as part of their World Book Day coverage. You can find the lunchtime and evening editions here.

FOL Minutes:

You can find the minutes of the last Friends of Lyndhurst meeting here.

Yr. 6 Fundraising:

Typically, our year six team have been very successful in fundraising to bring the cost of year six activities like the residential, disco, year book and hoodies right down. However, this year we have seen grant applications be denied that have usually been successful. This means we are much lower on funds.

We are looking for companies to donate/match to our fundraising efforts for our Year 6 school journey and events. If anyone owns a company or knows of one, please get in touch.


Whilst we acknowledge that there are various beliefs and customs amongst different sections of the Islamic faith, the guidance schools are given is that fasting is only required from the onset of puberty (physical or emotional) however pupils in year five and six may which to join their family and friends by taking part. It is the accepted view of health professionals that fasting prior to the age of eight is not advisable.

If you wish for your child to fast, please ensure that you sent a written letter or email to the school outlining your wishes. We would ask that you also specify any adjustments that you would like to support your child in conserving their energy such as remaining in the library at lunchtime. Source

Online Safety:

Each week we look at one of the guidance documents from the Being Safe Online section of our website. This week we are looking at Minecraft. You can find the guidance here.


That’s it from us, have a great week.


Key Dates:

Fri 8th Mar- Ganges Class Assembly @ TBC in the top hall POSTPONED to Thur 14th @ 09:30 am

Fri 15th Mar- Red Nose Day

Fri 15th Mar- Coffee Morning Curriculum @9am in Library

Mon 18th Mar- Neurodiversity Week

Tue 19th Mar- Spring Concert – by invitation only

Wed 20th & Thur 21st Mar- Parent Consultations

Fri 22nd Mar- FOL Meeting @9am in library

Thur 28th Mar- Coffee Morning SEND @9am in library

Thur 28th Mar- Easter Break EARLY CLOSURE @ 1:15pm