The Scoop 29th November

Hello Parents and Carers,

A few weeks ago, Mr Turnham mentioned that different members of our senior leadership team would be presenting the scoop so that you get to meet everyone. This week it’s my turn, I’m Ms Harwood the phase leader for year one and two.

I imagine like many of you, I am still recovering from what was a wonderful Winter Fair. It was so brilliant to see so many of you helping out or just taking part. A huge thank you goes out to the amazing team who have been working behind the scenes to make this all happen—no small task. Also, I would like to thank the staff team, who spent their Saturday morning decorating the school gates and to our dedicated premises manager, Mr Speers, who has helped make all of these things run smoothly.

Here are this week’s notices:

Grove FM:

If you haven’t heard the latest Grove FM podcast than do have a lesson, it’s all about Dyslexia Awareness Week. Listen to the episode here

School Site Improvements:

Work continues around Lyndhurst. We have a long plan of school improvement including refurbishing the toilets around the school, acoustic treatments for the halls, development of a sensory room, landscaping the memorial garden, expanding the bike and scooter storage, repairing our MUGA (including the lights) ensuring that the school site is fully compliant in terms of its health and safety plus we want to improve our learning environments so that they better support our pupils. All of this is on top of maintaining and dealing with unplanned issues that arise.  There is a lot of work and a very small budget but we are determined that over the next three years, we will transform our site to ensure that all spaces are purposeful and beneficial to pupils learning and wellbeing.

We are working with a brilliant team of parent volunteers looking at grant opportunities, we are seeking funding from the trust and from the local authority. So far, we have secured money for bike storage and landscaping from Southwark, we have a tentative agreement from the Trust for work to start on toilets in the new academic year and we have a range of contractors booked in to either start work or quote on work.

What does this mean for you and your child? We are trying to reduce the disruption as much as we can and where possible schedule work for Saturday or the holidays. If you have questions about any of the work or have suggestions about revenue sources please do get in touch.

Parent Volunteers:

Following on from the work the school is doing, we are incredibly grateful to our team of parents who have been sneaking in on dry weekends to repair and stain the woodwork in our playground. The space is already looking much fresher. This is another wonderful example of the Lyndhurst community pulling together.

Year Six Fundraising:

We have a number of fundraising events to raise money for our year six school journey to Dorset. Friday December 2nd: we are very lucky to have an Alex Monroe jewellery sample sale with some items up to 70% off-just in time for Christmas.  This will take place before and after school. Cash only payments. Majority of proceeds will go towards school journey.

Thursday 8th December and Friday 16th December: staff will be Christmas carolling and we will have mince pies on sale. Cash only donations! All proceeds towards school journey.

Interested in becoming a Teacher?

The London South Teaching School Hub works closely with The Charter Trust to help cultivate our teaching talent and support new people into the profession. They are currently recruiting Initial Teacher Training and PGCE candidates to start in September 2023. If you know anyone who's thinking about getting into teaching, whether that be a recent or upcoming graduate, a TA or other school staff member, or even someone who's looking for a new, fulfilling path for their career, we'd highly encourage them to have a look at what the Hub has available, email for further information or attend one of their online information events to learn more. Links are in the transcript below.

Lyndhurst Club Offer:

Details of our Spring Term club offer will go out on Friday December 2nd. Sign up will close on Sunday 11th December at midnight. Offers will be sent out by Friday December 16th.

To avoid the school having to cover the cost of late cancelations with external providers we are tightening up our cancelation process. If you do not want the club you are offered, you must contact us before Monday January 2nd to cancel, otherwise you will be charged for the full term as many of our providers ask for payment in advance. Payments for the term will need to be made by Monday January 9th.

If you are interested in running a club either before or after school please contact Mr Peddle by Thursday of this week.

Upcoming Dates:

Please don’t forget our winter concert on Dec 15th at 6pm and that we close at 1:15pm on the 16th December. There will be a Winter Holiday Camp on site for some of the holidays please see the last week’s Scoop for details of how to sign up.

Have a great week everyone!