The Scoop Week of 27th April 2023

Scoop Thur 27th April


What a week it has been! Since receiving the call on Monday tonotify us that we were being inspected staff and governors have all beenworking solidly to ensure that we presented the best version of our remarkableschool. Whilst the result is still confidential until the report is published—probablyin about six weeks’ time—I can tell you that I am beyond proud of our school. Overthe course of the inspection the inspector spoke to pupils, visited lessons andforensically examined our processes, systems, curriculum and record keeping. Wereally do feel that the conclusions of the inspector are reflective of where weare as a school and what our next steps are. We really look forward to sharingthe report with you as soon as it is published.

Here are this week’s notices.

The MemorialGarden:

I’m recording live from the memorial garden today. Over the lastfew months, parents and staff have worked hard transforming this space. Westill have some more work today but the fire pit, path way, decking and raisedbeds are all in. We do need some help building the pizza oven and laying its foundations(do get in touch if you are interested). We hope that classes will be able tostart visiting the space soon.


Some of our families who celebrate Eidhave created a whole school event, where we can share their culture and food. Wewarmly invite all our families to share in this celebration on Friday 28thApril at 3.30 in the school playground. You will be able to try lots of delicious food. Parents will be able tobuy a container for £2 and choose lots of food to put inside and share withtheir family. You can pay with cash or through a QR code.  Money raised will go towards future school playgroundequipment for all our children to enjoy. We will have benches and chairs in theplayground so that we can come together and celebrate Eid here at Lyndhurst.


We are hugely excited to launch our new playground with many moreactivities available for pupils to enjoy both at break and lunch ranging from:loose parts construction to reading to structured sport. We have new zonesbeing marked including more four-square courts and a new basketball area. We havealso introduced play leaders into each year who will be responsible for supervisingand distributing equipment according to the weekly rota.

Strike Dates:

Please ensure that you have read the letter sent today aboutTuesday’s industrial action. The school will remain open for nursery and yearsix only.


As summer approaches and the weather becomes warmer we are noticingthat some pupils are starting to wear shoes like crocks to schools. Please beaware that pupils cannot play football in crocks or sandals (and will not beallowed on the pitch unless they are in closed toed shoes).


Following on from two very popular events, Emma Gleadhill(speaker, trainer and life coach) returns to lead an online session to supportparents and carers with talking to their primary age children and early teens,about sex and sexuality.

Join us online on Thursday 11th May, 7.00 - 8.15pm

Talking about sex andsexuality with your growing child, tween and early teen

A Webinarfor parents and carers of The Charter Schools Educational Trust


...Movingon from “The” Birds and Bees talk of yesteryear to an ongoing dialogue whichunderpins values in intimate relationships. A changing area for parents in themodern age. The landscape of modern attitudes andapproaches to sex and sexuality can feel like very difficult terrain forparents who may have had limited role modelling in how to approach such topicsfrom our own childhood and teenage years.

Register in advance for this webinar:

For more information about the webinar and/or Emma, please see the attached flyer or visit




Have a great weekend everyone—please don’t forget it is a bankholiday.


Key Dates

  • Fri     28th Apr- Eid Celebration
  • Mon 1st     May- Bank Holiday
  • Fri     5th May- Coronation Activity Day 
  • Fri     5th May 9am -FOL meeting
  • Mon     8th May - Bank Holiday
  • Tue     9th -Fri 12th May - KS2 SATS & Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Fri     19th May - Lyndhurst Dance Festival (some classes only)
  • Sat     20th May - Lyndhurst Bazzar
  • Wed     24th May -SEND Coffee Morning
  • 29th     May - Half Term