The Scoop Week 18th July 2023

Hello Lyndhurst Family, 

I can’t quite believe that this is the final scoop of the academic year! Where has the time gone. This morning I stood in an empty playground looking at the set up for the Proms and reflected on everything that has happened this year—there is a lot! We’ve had external reviews from Challenge Partners and Ofsted that we are proud of, we’ve made giant strides in our curriculum, we’ve made a big impact on how we teach pupils about behaviour and wellbeing, we’ve managed to move from a forecasted deficit budget of £70k to an actual deficit closer to £5k but most importantly of all we have made a real difference, a positive difference, to the lives of people in our school family. We’ve seen Eid celebrations, the launch of ‘It Takes a Village Super Club’, FOL raising money to support the school’s endeavours, working groups who have painted, dug or shovelled to improve our school site and volunteers staffing the library after school to ensure books are accessible to all.

I would love to be able to thank each and every one of you personally but it would take me another year. So, I’ll say it here instead. Thank You. Thank you for everything you do be it smiling and greeting each other, organising, donating, providing feedback or manual labour. Thank you. Our school, our community, our family is what it is because of you all.
And, it’s not over yet as tonight we have our art exhibition which is an informal affair where you can meet many of the teachers we have for September and we have our legendary Playground Proms!

Here are this week’s notices:

Lyndhurst Parent Guide:
This link is for the new updated parent guide. It has more information about our school and directs you to the sections of the website that have important information on. Please take some time over the summer break to read it. We will update the key dates in the next two weeks.
Art Exhibit & Proms:
A reminder that the art exhibition starts at 4pm today (enter via the main gate) and that the proms starts at 6pm (the gates will officially open at 5:50pm).
Peri Music Offer
This is very exciting news and is something that the music department and myself have been working on for a while now. In September we will be making some changes to our peri music offer.  We are launching group lessons. This not only makes the lessons more affordable but it allows us to get more pupils into the peri scheme. If you are interested in taking up an instrumental lesson please email outlining your child’s name, year group and the instrument preference (the bulk of our new lessons will be done in groups no larger than 3 children). We are also launching T-bone (Youth Trombone) lessons in September which is in addition to the current offering of:  Guitar, Percussion (Drums), Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Woodwind & Cello. We are now able to offer families in receipt of the pupil premium heavily discounted lessons. A separate letter will go out with more details this week.
My Child At School- Bromcom:
This week you will receive an email from school inviting you to register/sign up with Bromcom, our Management Information System’s parent facing portal called ‘My Child At School’. At the moment we are using a limited amount of this portal and are only asking you to update the details we hold on you and your child. It’s really important that we have up to date contact information and that the contacts are ordered in the preference that you wish us to contact them (contact number one will always be the first person we call). Please look out for this email.
Catering Company:
In September we will be switching to a new catering company, Olive Dining Ltd.  This is a new Trust contract but we are excited about the planned changes. A temporary menu will be published for September whilst we work together to improve our school lunch options.
Year Six Yearbook:
A giant thanks to Caroline, Eva & Jo  who have worked so hard to make the year book. They have put hours and hours into collating, editing and designing layouts and we know that our pupils will be ecstatic when they receive their yearbooks—it truly is something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.
Old Phonics Books:
We will have a range of old phonics books in the playground over the remainder of this week, please feel free to take them. They do not match the phonics scheme we teach and so are no use to the majority of UK schools however they are still great books for those who are at the start of their reading journey.

Friends of Lyndhurst:

You can find the minutes from the latest Friends of Lyndhurst meeting here.  On behalf of the entire school I would like to thank everyone involved with Friends of Lyndhurst but especially those who have masterminded events over the course of the year. A huge amount has been raised (FOL currently have around £20,000 raised! After a very successful fair that raised around £6,000). A huge amount has been given to the school either to make events and trips more affordable or to add to the provision of our school

Reducing the Cost for Families Adding to our School Provision.

Year Six School Journey £2500Sound Baffles for Lunch Hall £4000Parent Workshop £350DT equipment £1500Steam Week £1494Reading Corner beanbags £383French Day £123School Kits £800Unicorn Theatre Trips £300Playground Equipment £1500Proms Music £1170Stage Lighting and Mikes £2100Yr. 6 Yearbook £400Sub Total £6337Sub Total £10,283Grand Total £16,620

Lost Property:

We have a vast amount of lost property in our store by the main entrance to the playground. Please take some time to check if any of it is yours. Items left over the summer that are not named will be given to a clothes bank as we do not have the facilities to launder and store clothing.

Holiday Workshops @ Theatre Peckham:

Summer Dance Camp 24th, 25th & 27th July

Our Summer Dance Camp is designed for young people interested in dance. You will explore different type of styles: Street dance, Hip-Hop and Commercial.8-11 years

This Summer:

Follow this link for a list of places who offer children free food this summer.

Follow this link for Southwark’s free Active Fun Days’.

Follow this link for free things to do in London this summer.

That’s it from me, all that is left if for me to say that whatever your plans and commitments over the summer break, I hope that you find time to spend quality time with your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday, 4th September.

Key Dates

  • Thur 20th Jul- Yr 6 Leavers Assembly & Disco
  • Fri 21st Jul 1:15pm Last day of term.