The Scoop Week 22nd May 2023

HelloLyndhurst Family,

We started this week in dramatic fashion with some of year three and four choirmembers going to Alleyn’s theatre to perform with four schools as part of TheBig Sing. The quality of singing was spectacular. Auditions for the year sixend of year performance also kicked off this week. We are so looking forward towhat will be an amazing show—I hope that lots of you will get tickets to seeour year sixes in action! I also want to thank everyone who made this weekend’sBazaar such a success, the atmosphere was wonderful.

Here are this week’s announcements.

As we approach the end of the school year can I take this opportunity to remindyou that any absences from school for sickness or medical appointments need tobe shared with the office staff at the earliest point. Any requests for termtime leave must be made using our absence request form. At Lyndhurst we believethat children need to be in school as missing out on learning has a detrimentalimpact. We will be teaching our curriculum right up until the end of term(alongside some summer activities) so your child’s attendance is vital. Our term dates can be found on the website both for this academic yearand next.

Lyndhurst Arts Week:
Art Week is from June 19th to 23rd. The theme this yearis identity, children will have the opportunity to explore what this meansthrough various mediums such as photography, sculpture, collage etc atworkshops run by parents, Camberwell Art students and staff at Bold Tendencies.

The following week, children will have the opportunity to enter a competition,submitting work ether created by them during Art Week or independently. Thecriteria: artwork to be A3 size, 2D, colourful and be inspired by the theme ofidentity.

The winning artworks will be framed and displayed to brighten up and inspirethe users of the rooms at Kings College Department of Psychology, located atthe Henry Wellcome Building. All winners will also receive a prize. Childrenand parents will have the opportunity to view the work in September. Dr SalimHasmi, lecturer in Psychology from the College will be explaining this furtherin a school assembly.
Artwork produced throughout Art Week will also be exhibited during Lyndhurst’send of year art show in July.

Pride Week:
Just like Black History & Disability Awareness, we learn about andcelebrate diversity in all its forms throughout our school year and throughoutthe curriculum, We teach equality and social justice for all races, genders,sexualities, religion, abilities and more. We are required to do so by theDepartment of Education. We are proud of the curriculum we teach and its impactupon developing well-rounded global citizens.

On the week of June 12th we will be taking part in Pride Week. Aspart of this week pupils will learn that our community is made up of differentfamily structures. They will do this through stories showing them differentfamily makeups. They will also learn about this history of the progress flag asa symbol of hope for a variety of groups of people including those who areLGBTQ+

Year Six Fundraising:
Our year sixes have another push to raise funds towards their production,school journey and the other end of year events that take place. They will becompleting a sponsored run , you can find details and donate here.

Jaegar Half Term Holiday Camp:
Bookings are now open for the half term holiday camp. This camp continues tonot only have rave reviews from parents but has generated a significant amountof money for the school.
Jaegar HC May-Yay Half Term Camp is now open for bookings: Please findbooking Link here.

Lyndhurst Proms:
Are you interested in helping the music department plan and pull off theLyndhurst Proms, if so then please contact Mr Chambers who is starting to putplans together (and has some lofty ideas for the event). Save the date 18thJuly (which is also the date of our art exhibition)

International Evening:
This will be taking place on Friday 9th June at 5-6pm.  OnFriday we would love children and adults to wear clothes that represent theircultural heritage or the colours of your countries flag.  After school at5pm we will have music and food in the playground, we would love families tobring food (ideally that can be eaten cold and with no cutlery as we will nothave utensils) that represents your heritage for others to share (pleaseremember to include a label with all of the ingredients for allergies). Please label any tuperware containers you provide.

The Lyndhurst Carnival (summer fair):
The Lyndhurst Carnival - is on Saturday 24th June 2023 from 2:30pm -6:00pm.
The first half an hour is just for children and families with SEND.
Look out for:
Next fair planning meeting will be Friday 26th May at 9:00am in theschool library.

Emma Gleadhill Webinar - Wednesday 7 June:
Hot on the heels of the success of last week's webinar with Emma, comes thenext in the series of sessions for parents and carers.

Join us online on the 7th June, 7.00 - 8.15pm
Supporting our teens through times of change and challenge with peers

Full details can be found here. Register in advance:

Staffing Updates:
As mentioned in a previous issue this week is Ms Baldwin’s last week atLyndhurst although she will be volunteering and conducting research so she willstill be a visible presence in our school. At Lyndhurst we want the best forour staff, in terms of their work life balance, professional development andworking conditions even if that means that we are no longer the best school forthem. So, it is with some sadness but also a sense of pride that I announcethat Ms Robbins has secured a new position for September. Having worked atLyndhurst for over 15 years, she has made a startling contribution to ourschool. We are delighted that she has secured a job that is a short walk (orjog) from her home allowing her to spend more time with her son and say goodbyeto the trials of commuting on public transport. I’m sure you will join us incongratulating Ms Robbins and wishing her the best of successes in her new roleas English Lead at Ridgeway Primary School .

Key Dates

  • Wed 24th May -SEND Coffee     Morning
  • 29th May - Half Term
  • Thur 8th June-     FOL (pm)
  • Fri 9th June –     International Evening
  • Mon 12th      June- Pride Week
  • Mon 19th June-     Arts Week
  • Sat 24th June- Summer     Fair
  • Mon 26th     June-INSET DAY
  • Tue 27th June-     Refugee Week
  • Thur 29th June-     SEND Coffee Morning
  • Mon 3rd Jul- Yr 6     School Journey Week
  • Fri 7th Jul 9am-     FOL meeting
  • Wed 12th &     Thur 13th Jul – Yr 6 Performance tbc
  • Fri 14th July-     reports out
  • Tue 18th Jul 4pm     – Art Exhibition
  • Tue 18th Jul 6pm-     Playground Proms
  • Thur 20th Jul- Yr     6 Leavers Assembly and BBQ TBC?
  • Fri 21st Jul     1:15pm Last day of term