The Scoop Week 19th September 2023

Over the last two weeks I’ve very much enjoyed greeting you all at the gate, it has remined me what an amazing community Lyndhurst is. In fact, passers-by who work locally have commented on how friendly and cheerful everyone is.

You may be aware that our budget is based on the numbers of pupils we have in our school and like most of London (and Southwark in particular) numbers are down which impacts on the provision we can afford to offer. As a new cohort of parents begin to look for the school for their child we ask that you help spread the word about Lyndhurst. WhatsApp groups, social networks, websites such as Mums Net and EDForum are all great places to share what you love about our community.

We will be running open days over the next few months which can be booked on our website and are available to prospective reception and nursery parents or in-year transfer parents. Please help us spread the word and so many families still do not know about our very special school.

On other news, we welcome our second Lyndhurst baby, Mr. and Mrs. Peddle welcomed Hailie Auria Moore-Peddle into the world on Friday morning. I am sure you will join us in congratulating them both.

Here are this week’s notices:

Homework Logins:

Last week we sent out homework logins to all pupils in year one and up. If you did not get a login or have an issue with your login please contact your class teacher or Mrs. Bennett. You can find details of our home work expectations on the school website in our policy section.

Parent Vs. Staff Football:

Unfortunately, due to some logistical complications the Staff vs. Parent Football Match is being postponed—please keep a look out for new dates.

My Child at School App/Login:

If you have not yet been successful in signing in to ‘My Child at School’ please watch out for future communication about it. This app allows you to ensure the records that you have provided us with are still up to date including allergies, dietary information and contact details. It will also be used to book parents evening slots later this month.

Bringing Things in From Home:

As we start the new term, we ask that you remind your children about not brining items in from home. Over the last two weeks we have seen some items sneak in, some of which are not appropriate to be in school. We are aware that some pupils love to collect interesting looking objects on their walk to school—again some of which may not be appropriate to be in school.

Parent Communication:

You can find details of how we communicate and our escalation process in our parent guide which can be found here. Don’t forget that in addition to contacting your class teacher if you just have something on your mind you can share it with us using the ‘What’s on Your Mind’  form on our website.

Bikes &Scooters:

A reminder that whilst we do lock the bike store during the school day it is open during drop off and collection so any items left there are left at your own risk.

Peripatetic Trombone Lessons:

Last week the children were treated to a wonderful Trombone and PBone demonstration from our new music departmental edition Mr Hanover. We're all really excited about starting the PBone (plastic trombone) at Lyndhurst so please have a chat with any budding J.J Johnsons or Slide Hampton's you have at home and email Mr Chambers at to sign up. Each pupil will receive their own PBone to take home for practicing.


We also have lots of places to learn Violin this term with Ms Brown and with a possible loan instrument too. If there are any Joshua Bell's or Nicola Benedetti's crying out at home again please email Mr Chambers at


A reminder of termly fees is listed below and please remember that these places will fill up quickly.


Individual20-minute lesson (10x per term) - £155

Group30-minute lesson of no more than 3 pupils (10x per term) - £110


Subsides available for Pupil Premium children available.


Medical Absence from School:

The Department for Education published the following guidance around medical absences from school.

“It is usually appropriate for parents and carers to send their children to school with mild respiratory illnesses. This would include general cold symptoms: a minor cough, runny nose or sore throat. However, children should not be sent to school if they have a temperature of 38°C or above. We would encourage you to share the NHS ‘Is my child too ill for school?’ guidance with parents and carers in your schools and communities which has further information.

In addition to respiratory illnesses, we are aware that more children may be absent from school due to symptoms of anxiety than before the pandemic. Worry and mild or moderate anxiety, whilst sometimes difficult emotions, can be a normal part of growing up for many children and young people. Being in school can often help alleviate the underlying issues. A prolonged period of absence is likely to heighten a child’s anxiety about attending in the future, rather than reduce it. “

Local Governors:

The Charter Schools Educational Trust now has eight schools across Southwark and Lambeth each with a local Committee known as a local governing body (LGB). Made up of volunteer local governors, our LGBs play a key strategic role in the management of our schools, including development plans, budget monitoring, community and stakeholder engagement, staff and pupil wellbeing, and oversight of safeguarding and SEND provision in the school. We currently have several vacancies across our schools in Southwark and Lambeth for local governors. If you know of anyone who is interested in education and might be interested in volunteering on one of our local governing bodies and want to find out more about the role of the local governor in our Trust, please put them in touch with our Governance Manager, Carrie Fentum at and she will be happy to talk to them about which schools have vacancies and how to apply.

Parent Code of Conduct:

The start of the academic year seems a good time to remind all families of The Charter School Trust’s Parent Code of Conduct which can be found here.

Cycling Classes:

Over the next five weeks there are Cycle Skills Training sessions being held in the Lettsom Estate on Wednesdays. More details can be found here.


Have a great week.


Key Dates:

Tue 19th Sep- Staff Vs Parent Football match -POSTPONED

Fri 22nd Sep- Coffee Morning Phonics (9am in library)

Fri 29th Sep- FOL first meeting (9am in library)

Fri 29th Sep- Bike Market (see Scoop from the 11th)

Starting 2nd Oct- Black History Month starts(focus: Women of Windrush)

Thur 5th Oct – Jamakespeare Performance 3:45pm

Fri 6th Oct- National Poetry Day

Fri 6th Oct- Coffee Morning – Curriculum

Tue 10th Oct- World Mental Health Day

Wed 11th & Thur 12th Oct- Parent Meetings & Yr. 5 1:1 Secondary Meetings

Fri 13th Oct- FOL meeting AGM

W/C 16th Oct- Religious Rotations (Sukkot, Navaratri & St. Francis Day)

Fri 20th October – Yarra Class Assembly (10amstart)

Thur 19th SEND Quiz Night

Fri 20th Oct Coffee Morning- SEND & Mental Health

Fri 20th Oct – Last day of half term.